Prerequisites for this article — Kubernetes, Azure Function App, Docker knowledge

In the Part 1 I have explained the high level ideas of KEDA. In this part we will see the practical implementation.

Use Case

There is a web app, which uploads files from end users and puts them in…

One of the projects to look after in 2021.

DAPR stays for Distributes Application Runtime the official site could be reached via this link.

Why could it be useful for you as a developer?

Dapr is a portable, event-driven runtime that makes it easy for developers to build resilient, microservice stateless and stateful applications that run on the cloud and…

There is a great site, contributed to the concepts of developing modern era apps. It is know as “12-factor app”, “n-factor app”, or “cloud native applications”.

The twelve-factor app is a methodology for building software-as-a-service apps that:

- Use declarative formats for setup automation, to minimize time and cost for…

I work in IT and I do recruitment for my department. Not too often, but regularly. And in different countries. The process is typical: we post a job opening, receive many CVs, filter them out and select the best ones, then do interviews.

In the part 1 I have explained the key concepts of DAPR and in this part we will see the sample implementation of state store, using local kubernets cluster, redis cache, and dotnet core 5.

You cold find the sample project here.


Prerequisites for this article — Kubernetes knowledge.

If you are a developer or a devops export, then you will definetly be faced with a task to create an auto-scaling job.

A typical use case is when you have a file storage, and you need to process it as soon as…


“Daddy, what are clouds made of? Linux servers, mostly.”

It is all about IT Cloud, not the other one. It is fascinating how the acceptance of it has been changing within several years.

Stage 1: Denial

There is no such as a cloud. At least, in our business, it does not work.

Stage 2: Anger


While preparing for AZ-303 exam, I was using couple of resources:

I was stuck answering the questions about inserting items in the CosmoDB, using SQL API. So in the end, I decided to use the real Cosmo DB instance…

Coding Tech, Apr 11, 2019

This article is more for a business-related person, than for a technical one.

You are not deeply involved or are not familiar with Software Development, but you are interested in knowing that the basic controls are in place. What questions should you ask your IT? …

Evgeny Grishchenko

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