Stages of Cloud Acceptance


“Daddy, what are clouds made of? Linux servers, mostly.”

It is all about IT Cloud, not the other one. It is fascinating how the acceptance of it has been changing within several years.

Stage 1: Denial

There is no such as a cloud. At least, in our business, it does not work.

Stage 2: Anger

The cloud is very insecure. Could you imagine, it is public?!

Stage 3: Bargaining

Could we make it cheaper?

Stage 4: Depression

Our time-to-market is slow, but the cloud is expensive…

Stage 5: Acceptance

100 K/ 1 Mln. for a CAPEX?! Let’s try a cloud.

Current status

Based on several surveys this is a suggested AS-IS picture:

  • A common multi-cloud combo: AWS + Microsoft Azure
  • There are more multi-cloud than hybrid-cloud users
  • The biggest cloud challenge: Cost management + Security

Cloud benefits

  1. Faster deployment. Sometimes, it could be hours.
  2. On-demand capacity. Use what you need.
  3. Security. You definitely can’t compete with the Cloud providers.
  4. Cost savings. It depends on your load, and other things. It could be MORE expensive, it could be less.
  5. Reliability. You could really make it highly-available, with multi-regional nodes.




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